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Column by Seth Casana
Issue 63 • May 2018 • Fredericksburg

Within the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of revisiting a couple of old chestnuts from the earliest days of Whurk. When Stephen Graham and I were just getting started, we knew that if we were publishing a magazine on paper, we were going to need some news racks, too. However, being the scrappy bootstrappers that we were, we just didn’t have the money to spend on the standard offerings of that sort, most of which were plain, old wire boxes imported from somewhere across the Pacific. Instead, we collected some discarded shipping pallets, spent an afternoon pulling nails, and used the reclaimed wood to fashion together some rough-and-tumble news racks of our own design.

The new Whurk news rack at Mian Noodle House.

Those old racks are still kicking after more than five years, but we figured they were due for an upgrade. This time, we went back to the drawing board to design something that was sleek, durable, reasonably affordable, and could pack flat. After dozens of revisions, the first prototype is out in the world. You can see the new rack in action at Mian Noodle House in Fredericksburg, an appropriately “casual chic” venue for its debut.

Emma Jones, Winner of the Hard Whurk Challenge #10

The other thing that was dug up recently was a coin that I buried about four years ago. Specifically, the coin associated with the Hard Whurk Challenge #10 released October 2014. Back in those days, my evil genius tendencies were running at full tilt. Over the course of a year, I published a series of twelve challenges, each cryptic puzzle leading to a hidden coin that, when redeemed, would be awarded with a $100 cash prize. Only two of the twelve challenges were ever solved, that is, until last week when Emma Jones joined the Pantheon of Winners. Nine challenges remain; Emma is still questing, what’s your excuse?

Seth Casana

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