Amber Crystals

Cover by Christopher Stephens
Issue 46 • December 2016 • Front Royal
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Christopher Stephens, a painter based in Front Royal, specializes in pastoral scenes and other nature-inspired subjects. Having earned a BFA at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and an MFA at James Madison University, his work has been featured in dozens of galleries, exhibitions, and publications throughout the mid-Atlantic. His aesthetic alternates between more traditional renderings and abstract studies, sometimes delving fully into purely formal exercises of color and composition. “Amber Crystals” is one such piece, representative of the new series Sight Lines on display this month at Haley Fine Art in Sperryville. Regarding the show, Stephens said, “In abstraction, I’ve found a way to explore and share visual experience. Glimpses of sunlight on buildings, cloud shadows racing across a Virginia landscape, an orange wedge on a cutting board, the human figure, all find opportunities for expression in these works.”

A holiday reception for Sight Lines will be held on Saturday, December 10. To see more from the exhibit, visit

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