Print Advertising Rates

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Location Type Dimensions Price Template
Back Cover ExteriorFull10" x 11"$2,700Download
Front Cover InteriorFull10" x 11"$1,800Download
General InteriorFull10" x 11"$900Download
General InteriorHalf Vertical4.58" x 10.5"$450Download
General InteriorHalf Horizontal9.33" x 5.17"$450Download
General InteriorQuarter4.58" x 5.17"$250Download
General InteriorEighth4.58" x 2.5"$150Download

Bulk Purchase Discounts

Place ads in multiple issues to receive a discount.
Ads purchased in bulk may be printed in nonconsecutive issues.

Quantity Bulk Order Discount
1-2 issuesStandard rate
3-5 issues5% off standard rate
6-8 issues10% off standard rate
9-11 issues15% off standard rate
12+ issues20% off standard rate

Production Schedule Details

  • To place an ad in an issue, properly formatted ad art must be received by the issue's due date.
  • Ad campaigns must be paid in advance. Ads cannot be placed prior to full payment.
  • Before submitting ad art, please review the Ad Art Guidelines below.
  • Ad art received after an issue's due date may incur a $25 late fee.
  • Ad art received after an issue's print date cannot be printed and will cause the ad to become forfeit. Forfeited ads may not be rescheduled to print in subsequent issues.
  • No refunds are available for ad purchases.

Ad Art Guidelines

  • All ads are printed in CMYK full color. Art submitted in other color models (such as RGB) will be automatically converted to CMYK.
  • Ad art should be submitted at a resolution of 250 dpi.
  • Please observe the suggested bleed and safe areas as indicated in the ad templates.
  • Do not include registration marks or additional margins beyond what is shown in the templates. They are not necessary for our printing process.
  • Only use elements that are of print quality resolution in your ad art. For example, using a small image pulled from a website would not typically produce desirable results.
  • For black design elements, we strongly recommend using single-color black instead four-color black. This is especially important for black text and light-colored text on a black background. Ignoring this advice could cause your text to be illegible due to inherent limitations in the printing process.
  • Ads should not contain unauthorized copyrighted material.
  • Submissions may be modified for clarity or suitability.
For ad inquires, contact:
Seth Casana
412-608-3679 •
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