Adam Disbrow

Gallery by Lindley Estes
Issue 66 • August 2018 • Sperryville
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There’s just so much for the eye to focus on—and that’s the point. Between the letters, colors, and lines that run into each other, there’s still a quiet harmony and balance that comes through Adam Disbrow’s work. His upcoming show UTOPIA at the Mudhouse continues that theme. His cultural commentary is present in the show’s title piece, an expressionist representation of societal perfection. He expanded on that, saying, “Using many layers and conceptual symbols, it explores man’s social systems and suggests that utopia is not perfection through uniformity, but perfection through the natural order of variation and entropy.” Disbrow’s work can be found around the nation. He’s represented by Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego, but locally, he is a resident artist at the Sperryville Artist Cooperative. Catch the opening of UTOPIA at First Friday’s art walk on the downtown mall, Friday, August 3 from 6–8 PM. Show runs through October 1. See more at

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