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Column by Lindley Estes
Issue 65 • July 2018 • Fredericksburg

Let me introduce myself: I’m Lindley. A journalist, sometimes writer of fiction, and now a member of Whurk’s editorial staff.

As a Virginian, I’m a product of the arts scene that grows wild in the coastal waters of Hampton Roads, from the wild peaks in Southwest and even through the cracks of Richmond’s pavement.

Being Assistant Editor of Whurk Magazine allows me to help share that appreciation for the arts with you. Up until now, I’ve been able to do that as a writer for this magazine—and in turn have been truly absorbed with the new and emerging voices for which Whurk has provided a pulpit.

This issue shows the far reaches of that culture. For July’s mag, I got the chance to write about a region that is special to me: Appalachia. Musician Dori Freeman spoke with me about her upcoming performance at Red Wing Roots Music Festival, as well as how she endeavors every day to dispel the notion that the region is home to hicks and little else.

Likewise, Elizabeth Catte shares in an interview how she is working toward progressive change in the region and is fighting misinformation in her book What You are Getting Wrong About Appalachia. She’s articulate about and kind toward the people she chronicles in a way we all hope someone would treat our stories.

On the other side of the Commonwealth, Experimental Film Virginia engages with a totally different media. The event invites artists to Cape Charles for a marathon filmmaking festival inspired by the environs—which in its six years has created inspiring results.

And traveling north, Blerdcon creates a space for everyone in nerd culture. What else could you want but to nerd out in a place where you can share your fandom in an inclusive environment?

Come ramble around Virginia with us for a while.

Lindley Estes
Assistant Editor

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