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Issue 63 • May 2018 • Charlottesville
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When your coven of Night Elves needs a soundtrack for its midsummer revelries, Larkspur is bound to be at the top of the playlist. Hailing from Charlottesville, this trio of sopranos has spent the past several years perfecting their three-part harmonies and cello-centric acoustic accompaniments. The result is a brand of folk that draws from Appalachian, Celtic, and pop traditions, dancing between gossamer melodies and haunting chants, all underscored with an ethereal intensity.

There’s movement and drama in every track of Larkspur’s eponymous EP, released last month after a successful Kickstarter campaign. These songs have a rhythmic quality that, in some curious manner, feels like a 21st century reincarnation of Enya with banjos instead of synthesizers. Recorded at Collector Studio in Norfolk, producer Jake Hull brought his film scoring sensibilities to the final arrangements with a delicate balance of bells, shakers, and other subtle atmospheric sounds. Despite the dreamlike lyrics, this isn’t music for drifting off to sleep—waking from a fever dream in a flowered forest would be the more appropriate setting. And wouldn't you know it? That’s exactly how we found Larkspur when we caught up with them for this photo shoot!

Larkspur will be performing in Bridgewater at the Spring Creek Supper Series (7764 Thomas Spring Road) on Saturday, May 12. Potluck and show from 7–10 PM, donations accepted. Hear their debut EP at

Photography by Tristan Williams

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