Issue 61 • March 2018 • Harrisonburg

The creative spirit sometimes needs a little push to get going and, though it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes the best source of creativity is structure. That’s certainly the case with movements like Jake Parker’s Inktober and DeviantArt’s Sketch This, both designed to encourage artists to create every day and share their results. For the past month, Spitzer Art Center has been getting in on the act, too. They challenged 29 local artists to create a six-by-six-inch piece every day for 30 days in a row. The results of this massive effort, which produced 870 individual pieces, will be on display in an exhibit entitled 6x6x30 at the VMRC's Park Gables Gallery. Opening reception will be held on Friday, March 2 from 5–8 PM, show will be on display through the end of the month. Visit spitzerartcenter.org to learn more.

Watercolor by Alison Rose

Monoprint by Lindsay Heider Diamond

Photograph by Lara Ressler Horst

Photograph by Gayle Driver

Ashley Sauder Miller, organizer and participant of 6x6x30, in her studio

Photography by Brandy Somers

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