A Dreamers Dream

Cover by Edgard J. Gato
Issue 60 • February 2018 • Richmond
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For the past six years, Edgard J. Gato, a self-taught visual artist, has been traveling throughout Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean developing his artistry as a painter, muralist, and illustrator. During his travels, he collected flyers, cards, calendars, and other odds-and-ends to illustrate his inspirations and dreams. A Dreamers Dream is a collage of these travel mementos and his own artwork meant to symbolically represent his aspirations as an artist. Most of Gato’s work employs storytelling through the use of dramatic symbolism. Having recently settled in Richmond, Gato is looking forward joining the local arts community and discovering new opportunities to collaborate and exhibit his work. Follow Gato at facebook.com/e.gatoart and on Instagram @E.Gato.

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