Winter Flame

Cover by Lyall Harris
Issue 59 • January 2018 • Staunton
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Lyall Harris is a Charlottesville-based visual artist and writer specializing in book art, a medium that uses the vernacular of book construction as an expressive tool. Her work is currently on display in Staunton at Barrister Books as part of their continuing series on book and paper artists. The exhibit, entitled Winter Flame, includes structures from Harris’s “A Year in Books” during which she made a new project every week for one year, book objects such as “Outing Yourself” which features text on miniature hangers, and fully developed art books like Interior Landscape, a reflection on Sylvia Plath’s journals, and Paper Boats, a collaborative book Harris made with Patricia Silva about contemporary mass immigration to Europe. Winter Flame is on display through January 14. Learn more at

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