UMW Rich Weirdos

Pin-up by Seth Casana
Issue 56 • October 2017 • Fredericksburg

Above, left to right: Elayna Gladstone, Savannah Lunger, Nora Whelan, Erick Boscana

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Rocky Horror Picture Show has become one of the most enduring cult flicks, but this month, the Fredericksburg Area Museum brings it a new open air twist. In partnership with the UMW Rich Weirdos (motto: You don’t have to be rich, you just have to be weird), the two organizations will host a full shadow cast performance outside in downtown Fredericksburg’s historic Market Square. This off-kilter student club hosts a weekly cult classic film screening, making them the perfect choice for the performance. Featured in this photo shoot are four proud club members, all shivering with antici… pation.

Do the Time Warp again on Friday, October 20 in Market Square at the Fredericksburg Area Museum. Show starts at 9 PM, free admission, 18+ only. Costumes and props encouraged, but please, no throwing.

Photography by Seth Casana
Hair + Make-up by Claire Stanchfield and Carolyn Stough
Costumes + Props by Jessica Kemp
Lighting by Sophie Mestas

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