Stef Roschi

Pin-up by Deanna Marie
Issue 49 • March 2017 • Richmond
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As the founder of Leopard & Lace, a customized clothing shop based in Richmond, Stef Roschi loves taking basic garments and reinventing them with her own glamour-meet-punk aesthetic. She prides herself on blending sexy with comfortable, resulting in pieces that are flattering to all genders, non-genders, and body types. With her cheeky attitude and prolific output, it’s no wonder that her clients include notable celebrities like Kat Von D, Kesha, and Lux ATL. For this shoot, Stef pulled out her ultra-goth mode, but beware: it isn’t even her final form.

Follow Stef at or on Instagram @leopardandlaceclothing.

Photography by Deanna Marie

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