Poetry by Jon Pineda
Issue 44 • October 2016 • Fredericksburg

Newborn     Luke rests on my chest downstairs you rummage   the   dark   for the breast pump the refrigerator  door  opens with a quick sucking sound because  our  house  is  small I hear this    know by now you must have found those blood red strawberries in  a bowl  I’d  placed  inside  on the    glass    shelf    I    lean as   close   to   him   as   I  can I smell you on his breath then a knife slides deep into the sink its blade even wet sounds   against   the   skin of rubbed porcelain cast iron fresh rust    I think of the man my son will become  &  kiss  him  softly on the mouth

Originally from Chesapeake, Jon Pineda is a poet, memoirist, and novelist currently teaching at the University of Mary Washington. His collection of poetry, Little Anodynes, has been selected by the Library of Virginia as a finalist for this year’s Virginia Literary Awards. The winners will be announced at an awards banquet in Richmond on October 15, to learn more visit

Illustration by Paul Hostetler

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