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Music by Davey Jones
Issue 33 • November 2015

Featured in this roundup:
Flesh Eating Creeps • The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000
Atta Girl • Demo
Gina and the Cow Tipping Playboys • Trailer Swift
Moe Hendrix and Fan Ran • The New Dirty Bastard Tape
Post Sixty Five • I Think We’ll Be Okay EP

Flesh Eating Creeps
The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000

Richmond • September 30, 2015

Twenty years ago, Strange Matter was still called Twisters and VCU Basketball couldn’t even sniff at the Final Four. It was 1995 and a band called Flesh Eating Creeps was churning out hardcore punk. Over the next five years, the Creeps would produce a number of demo tapes, live sessions, 7-inch records, and a final album’s worth of material that was never officially released. Members of the band subsequently spawned or contributed to other higher profile projects like City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, and Worn In Red. In retrospect, some might say the Flesh Eating Creeps were Richmond’s own Minor Threat.

Fifteen recording sessions, descending chronologically (and in quality), are collected on this comprehensive 58-track release that clocks in just shy of 77 minutes. Only six tracks exceed the two-minute mark, so be prepared for quick, loud, angry music that melts ear drums. Thirteen songs were recorded multiple times, such as “Lovelace,” “,” and “Fuck It Up, Richmond Style.” If you listen to The Book About The Movie backwards, in ascending order, you can hear the band get faster and more intense, slowly emphasizing the hardcore aspects over the punk. It’s the fiercest history lesson you’ll ever get.

Atta Girl

Richmond • October 4, 2015

Atta Girl dropped a three-song EP last month that sounds more focused than some entire albums. Twee female vocals and post-punk guitar jangles bounce around each other like caffeinated teenagers. “Pocket Pills” is laissez-faire peer pressure: “Let’s take the pills we found in the jacket / Oh, what’s the worst that could happen?” “Vagacadabra” echoes a similar sentiment: “If it all goes sideways / I’ll have the drinks ready.” Urgent escapism flows through “Jamie Lee Curtis” disguised as relationship goals: “Let’s go more places / Let’s see more things / Just you and I.” Where to next, Girl?

Gina and the Cow Tipping Playboys
Trailer Swift

Norfolk • July 21, 2015

Trailer Swift is brimming with blues-laced honky-tonk, boogie woogie, and wink-nudge humor. Twangy guitar, swanky bass, and toe-tapping drums elevate Gina Dalmas as she sings stories about sex, lies, and alcohol. “Love Ain’t Nothing” and “Lies” are two sharpshooting covers, originally by alt-country hero Robbie Fulks, bookending three boozy originals. Dalmas claims she’s “working on number seven” during “Six Days Drunk.” The Playboys curse beer on the gang chorus of “Goddamn Alcohol” before she chides “the cheap wine that drowns my tears.” Don’t miss Jolie Holland’s blusey “Morphine” sung by bassist Christopher May.

Moe Hendrix and Fan Ran
The New Dirty Bastard Tape

Norfolk • August 10, 2015

Moe Hendrix of Fugitive 9 knows exactly how grimy he wants to be: the tape intro cites MTV’s coverage of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s welfare fraud. “From Runts to Wolves” corrupts Fresh Prince over an operatic backing track: “West Norfolk, V-A / In the backwater’s where I rap most of my haze.” “Revolution Blvd.” casts a wider net: “One fist to the sky / Why? / I pledge allegiance / To hip hop, punk rock, and all the others that’s speaking.” The single “Cigarette Butts & Beer” gets back to unapologetic and incendiary self promo: “I’m lynching any rhymer think he live-er in the business.

Post Sixty Five
I Think We’ll Be Okay EP

Charlottesville • September 25, 2015

As morose as anything Death Cab For Cutie or The National has ever done, Post Sixty Five’s I Think We’ll Be Okay EP isn’t completely honest with itself, but who is? “Now That We’re Outside” projects blame for unrequited love: “And no one ever tells me that you think of me at night.” The menu for “Tied Up,” with “cake for breakfast” and “lemonade hazy and gray” seems like the reason he’s “been sick for days.” More sensual than sad, “Session One” is my favorite: “Lady, I’m fucking around, ice in my mouth / Lady, I’m lying around, overthinking it.

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