Built to Flood

Poetry by Noah Renn
Issue 30 • August 2015 • Norfolk

You may have let your dog lead you to the park,
or be waiting for the light on Delaware when you see
six skateboarders kick-flip and shove-it
down the long war of parking lot where the city drags
its shoulder along the water.

You may notice the holes in their shoes, worn
along the outstep where the river might seep in,
plus the ragged plies of their boards.
One young man slides away from the rest.
Jumps the gap of creek stone.

A storm over the trees, and you dare
to think how quickly the Elizabeth can rise.
By the time he points East at a moon that’s out
during the day, you’ve watched the light turn green,
stopped counting the others who are already gone.

Noah Renn is a writer and teacher from Norfolk. He received his MFA from Old Dominion University in 2011 and is a 2015 Pushcart Prize nominee. He leads a poetry workshop at The Muse Writers Center, learn more at the-muse.org.

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