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Whurk Magazine
Issue 70 • December 2018

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The Whurk Week

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Connecting Virginia's Creative Communities

Whurk publishes a free monthly magazine dedicated to Virginia's creative communities. A fierce supporter of independent culture since 2013, it features interviews and art from local painters, poets, sculptors, authors, musicians, thespians, chefs, brewers, filmmakers, and cartoonists. Distributed to hundreds of locations across the Commonwealth and freely available to read online, each issue encourages the exchange of ideas across city borders. With its distinctively off-kilter approach and uncompromising design, you'll find nothing but articles that are bold, visually engaging, and full of surprise.

In addition to the magazine, Whurk produces a host of other related cultural events and media. Podcasts, film screenings, concerts, gallery exhibits, and readings are all fair game. There's always something new brewing, but you can follow us on Facebook to stay in the know.

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